12 chairs

Year: 2002
Genre: Quest, Adventure
Discs: 2 CD(*.iso)
Developer: Saturn+
Entertainer: Buka
Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Celeron 300, ram 32 mb, Cd-Rom 4-x, DirectX 8.0
Hints: The bottom line: “12 chairs” – another game, produced jointly by “Buck” and “Saturn +” continues a series of animated quests. We talk to the guy, what firing in from small to large parties in the pub, he, in his order of talks about missing fur cap. And, if ever, our Vasily gets into various troubles, and his unfailing assistant Petka it helps. Drag the target on the stump can be if it is to explain that it is impossible to beat on the living tree and offer athlete to hold the target. Look further – see the peak and select. We look around and see – in the right corner of the cloak is, pick up and see the same cigarette case with a cigarette. Go to the fork, go on and get to the smoothed tavern. Eat a mushroom and uvelichivaemsya.Granatu set on the projectile, an explosion and will move. Left on the wall jack to eat.
About the game:
Offer him a boat and get his picture instead of creepy old lady down and down. Further searches jewelry will be filled with adventure, humor and satire, as well as surprise ingenuity and enterprise Ostap. We talk with the muzhik in the box with figs, he tells about the siege. Throw peak in the bust of Marx, which stands on the cabinet. Throw in a paraffin stove, climb into it. Features: The plot, based on the classic satirical works; Cool hand-drawn animation; A huge amount of humor; Interesting twists of the plot of the book and play puzzles; A wide variety of game scenes; An unexpected outcome of the game.


Go to Bezenchuk. Click to activate the boot moonshine, then use a glass bowl on moonshine. In branching dialogue need to choose the item “mother-in-law died.” Both the first and the second will satisfy any fans of Ilf and Petrov, nor lovers fun quests from “Saturn +”. Go to the registrar. Go to the station and talk to the cashier, click on his passport (learn about the need of the stamp in the passport). In branching dialogue need to find out about the requirements agronomist to her husband (noble genesis). The dying mother-in-law Hippolyte Matveevitch Vorobyaninov tells him that hid her diamonds in one of the 12 seats the family headset. After inspecting the pick guarantee toolbar. Putting moonshine: samovar paragraph, open the left and right taps, apply to the samovar boots (boots lies in a coffin on the right). Vorobyaninov decides to look for the treasure alone, but by chance he meets on his way tipster Ostap Bender. However, despite the fact that the plot of the book is known to all, the game will present a lot of pleasant surprises, making even all alone survive as have already become classics of the stage, commercials and scenes that have appeared due to the requirements of the genre of the game. On the basis of the game all by himself laid down the immortal creation of Ilf and Petrov. Taking the broken samovar, attribute it to the hairdresser (Click on the door, then click on the guarantee of AI, then click on the broken samovar AI). Further searches jewelry will be filled with adventure, humor and satire, as well as surprise ingenuity and enterprise Ostap. Go back to the registry office, talking with the head (branching dialogue – you need to choose n Go to the drugstore, click on the samovar (a branching dialogue need to choose the item.