Action game

Action (translit. – “Action” or “action”; translated from English. – “Action”) – a genre of computer games in which players success largely depends on the reaction rate and the ability to make quick tactical decisions. The effect of such games is very dynamic and requires intense concentration and quick response to events occurring in the game. [1] In this case, as the primary means of the game progress is usually used for a weapon or [1]. Designation game genre as «action» relatively rarely used without padding as this concept is very wide and it can be characterized by more than half ever released games. This category includes shooters, fighting games, platformers, and so on. N. More often than not the word «action» is substituted to the main genre of games. For example, Action-adventure – quest, which includes action-elements uncharacteristic of traditional adventure. Initially, most computer games have been in this genre. [1] such as Space Invaders 1978, [2] Asteroids 1979-th, [3], and Pac-Man in 1980 and many other arcade video games, [4] and has since been asked canons of the genre. [1] Paperboy published in 1984, [5] has been able to transform the delivery of newspapers in an action game, thus demonstrating the versatility of this genre. [1] Robotron: 2084 was released in 1982 marked the beginning shooters. [1] Also, a cult game Doom is not was the first shooter game, but it asks a lot of hue and principles of action games and shooters in particular. Action games have several major sub-genres. However, there are many games that are not included in these subgenres have elements of action games. [1] Since the definition of action and non-controversial ekshin games, here are the only direct descendants of the genre