Arcade game

Arcade (Eng. Arcade) – common in post-Soviet computer games industry term for computer games with deliberately primitive gameplay. Some magazines about computer games identify them as a separate genre and rank them platformers (those that have been ported to the PC). In world practice, as well as in the Russian press, arcades called games for arkadnyh slot machines. This is not a separate genre of games, but rather the direction of the game. Computer game called “arcade” in the event that it is directly ported to the machine or similar in concept with games for machines. For example, to arcade games are all projects of the genre “fighting» (fighting), part of the games of the genre “race» (racing), part of the games of the genre “shooter» (shooter). They never are platformers, role playing, simulations (except t. N. “Dance simulators”) strategy. [Citation needed 344 days] arcades often directly opposed to simulators. For example, when it comes to the genre of “race”, that some of its representatives can be “Arcadia,” “simulators” or (more often) something in between. Racing Need for Speed ​​(Also Porsche, Series Shift) – a typical example of the arcades, while GTR – simulator. Relax in the traditional sense of the word almost do not go to PC (one of the exceptions – Guilty Gear XX), hence the confusion in terminology. Most of all arcade games extended to game consoles (including portable) and, of course, arcade machines. The name is a portmanteau of the arcade. arcade – arcade, covered gallery shops where traditionally placed arcade game machines. In fighting two characters fight in the arena, using various kicks, throws and combinations. Characterized by a large number of characters (fighters) and shock (sometimes more than a hundred for each character). Malopopulyaren genre on the PC because of the orientation of the joint game, and the keyboard is quite problematic at the same time to play together. However, well developed on game consoles. According to some games of this genre, even the world championships are held. Often, in some games can come together in the arena and four of the enemy at the same time, such as Guilty Gear Isuka. To manage such games recommended gamepad. The essence of the classic arcade games is quite difficult to explain. Normally, the main purpose is to pass the level in the shortest amount of time to collect all bonuses on the level and getting the maximum number of points. This may include a variety of games like Breakout (Arkanoid) and Pinball. The concept of platformer game consoles came with (consoles). It was there that the most popular genre. The main objective of the player is to overcome obstacles (holes, spikes, enemies and so on. D.) Using the jumps. Often have to jump on the abstract apart in the air “sticks” (Vol. N. Platform), hence the name of the genre. First born on the slot machines, then moved on to many gaming platforms, including PC. Gameplay is a shooting suddenly appearing enemies, but in contrast to the action games we can not control the movement of a player or camera, the whole game as we go along “tracks”. In this regard, sometimes make videotiry, that is the whole game filmed in certain places substituting different options videootryvke.